Ludo King Mod APK is #1 Trending Board Game for Android. Ludo King APK Download 2021 Now !!

  • Play Board Game
  • Game Controller
  • Unlimited Coins & Gem’s
  • Unlimted Six
  • No Ads.
  • Themes
  • All Premium Features Unlocked

Ludo King is one of the most popular game in India that is known as board game.

Ludo game is the 2nd most downloading game of India in 2021 today, Along with the growth of the gaming industry, the growth of Indian gaming is also very strong, in which within the type game our love game Ludo King comes.

The entire gaming industry is the largest contributor to the Indian gaming industry.

Ludo King Game

In games, the most popular game is offline King Ludo King game which is over the India popular, Ludo King is a board game which was played a few years ago by drawing on the simple board.

But as we and our technology were improved, most of the games became available online, of which the most interesting game is Ludo King, which is still very much in demand today.

Because of which people still like it and want to play it.

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What is Ludo King

Ludo King is a board game played online and offline in which the four players play together. And each player has four tokens that are in their play box. These token box totals are in four colors, including red, blue, green, yellow.

In the Ludo board game there is a box in the center in which everyone has to throw the token from their own site and add it inside it.

Upon becoming Ludo King, He gets coins as a winning amount.

One thing you do not see in the official version of Ludo King Game is that the game does not offer any free offers or free service which means the game is kept paid in which you have to buy some coins and games so that you can buy online Can play the game.

Many are added to your wallet so that you can also play different kines by betting them, so that there will be a total of players, in which the coins assigned to a player are collected and start the player game.

You must have learned from the above paragraph that if you want to buy any item in Ludo King game, then you have to pay some money.

What is Ludo King Mod Apk

The Modified Apk of Ludo King Game is called Ludo King Mod Apk in which all the features of Ludo King game are unlocked, now why the need of this Mod Apk, because many Ludo King Players have all the premium items available without spending money.

We have to use it, but the people of it do not want to buy its premium feature, but the user wants an alternative trick, so that they can do all the premium features of Ludo King for free.

But there is also a problem that people do not get the right link Apk downloads Link or App and the Mod Apk provider gives you the link to normal Apk instead of Mod Apk.

But there is no need for you to worry, our team has brought Modified Apk of Ludo King which has all VIP features Unlock.

Ludo King Mod Apk 2021

Today we have with you the latest Ludo King Modified Apk of 2021.

You have full feature unlock, in which the most special feature is Unlimited Six, so that you can enjoy Six as you want and also you can get all its features for free.

In Ludo King MOD Apk you Premium Theme, Unlimited Gems & Coins, Unlimited Six in Dice, Latest Version of Mod Apk or Ludo King Game Controller Options With No Ads Feature If you get all these features for free, then download Ludo King’s fully Unlocked Apk now without any delay.

Features – Ludo King MOD APK

Free Gems & Coins

In This Ludo King Mod Apk you will get unlimited free Gem’s and Gem’s that you can play on high bet in online games. With these coins and games you can share emoji, gift Etc to anyone in the game or you can buy these Gem’s & Coin directly By Pressing on Buy Button.

Premium Themes

In Game it will show you the option of premium theme, in which you can see different types of Ludo King, from which all the premium themes are paid, which you have to pay, you will also be able to do it for free in Mod Apk.

Unlimited Six

Now how many times you have played your Ludo King with your friends, out of which you will lose due to not getting six, but in this turn game, no one can remove you because in this you will get unlimited six means you can get it as many times as you want You can only say Six to Dice in Ludo King Game, you can also say Unlimted Six Trick.

Game Controller

This Mod is the biggest feature of Apk in which you can control the game according to your own, that is to say, you can show the numbers according to your wish in Dice, in which you have all the options in the game controller which you The number show is to be done, this is the most powerful feature so far of Ludo King Mod if you like this feature, then share it for our team.

No Ads

On hearing Ads Word, people in India remember the banners of Oppo and Vivo and all people know how boring Ads is and everyone keeps trying to skip or disable them but no tax is known. To disable these Ads, you have to buy No Ads plan of these app, but you no need to take tension. We have given you the unlock of No Ads feature in Ludo King MOD Apk.

Unlimited Voice Talktime

When it comes to voice chat while playing a game, everyone enjoys it a lot because if you have live voice in the game you are playing with someone, then the fun of playing the game in it becomes double but you We also have to buy talk time in Ludo King, which is more expensive than Normal, which is also available for free in our One Of The Best Modified Ludo King, then what is the delay to download it now.

Ludo King Mod Application

Ludo King is FREE & Paid Online And Offline Gaming Platfarm. But Our Team Made It Modified Version That provides you All in Board Game and Snake Stair and Many More Interesting features. Like Free Voice Chat During Game, Free VIP Theme Many more some of the features are really mind-blowing, you can also remove the Ads in Game and Get Unlimited Gem’s(Diamond) & Coins On Wallet.

You can use Game Controller For Getting Many More Times Six in Game, This Mod App Also Give You Free Support During Game Sessions, Now You Just To Download Mod Apk of Ludo King Then You Can follow instructions on Infographic.

APK Name Ludo King MOD APK – Unlimited Coins & Gem’s [Unlimited Six]
Size 61.9 MB
Version 6.5.075 [Latest Version]
Android Required 4.1+
Installs 6,894,869+
Rating 4.7
Developer Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd
Last Updated 30 Oct, 2021
APK Type Ludo King Mod APK [Unlocked 2021]

How to Install Ludo King Mod Apk

To install Ludo King, you have to go to your download manager where you will find the Mod Apk given by us on which you have to open it.

And there will be options of settings on it, by clicking, you will walk into the settings and enable the button with install from Unknown Sources, after which you will see the install button as soon as you go to install the game, only then you will get Ludo King To be installed.

After which you will be able to enjoy the Ludo King MOD Apk.

Checkout Below InfoGraphic About Ludo King Installation Process.

Infograpfic image About Ludo King Installation Process


  • How to Download Ludo King Mod Apk?

  • Jus Go To Website And Click On Download Button. It will Add Your Ta8sk In Notification Panel After Completing You Can Follow Above Installation Step.

  • How To Use Ludo King Mod Apk ?

  • It’s Super Easy to Use just Go through with Our Instructions. Just Download Install And Open These Three Step Are Overcome When You Will Starting to Use It, After Opening Application You See Already Some Gem’s And Coins Add To Your Account You can Use It For Playing Games And Many More Thing Like Theme Activation.

  • Can I Get Free Stuff In Ludo King Game?

  • You Have to do Just one Thing Download This Amazing Mod Apk from Our Site And Install And After That U Can Get Access to Use All Paid Stuff for Free.

  • Is Ludo King Mod Safe Children’s?

  • Yes It’s Absolutely Safe For Children Just Because Of This Safe Mode, Safe Mode Only Made For Children’s That Why It No Harm to Childrens

  • Who Use Ludo King Game?

  • Every Ludo King Player Use This Ludo King Game Application For Fun And Use it for Spending their time in the game.

  • After This Mod Can I Use All Premium Theme in Ludo King ?

  • Yes! After Done All Thing About this Mod You Can Use All Premium Theme And Stuff Of Game So Just Click Download Install.

  • Is This MOD App Provides Game Controller ?

  • Yes This Modified Apk Give You Ultimate Game Controller for Ludo King And This Ludo King Game Controller Help you to Control Dice Number, It Make More Easier of Winning Game.

  • What is Game Controller in Ludo King ?

  • Basically Controller only Makes for Control Any thing in The Game To The help of Controller Winning chances Assured With 💯✓ That Every Player Need Game Controller.

  • Is Ludo King Calm My Mind?

  • Yes It Will Calm Your Mind.

  • How To get Unlimited Six In Ludo King?

  • For Getting Unlimited Six in Ludo Game You Have to Download Mod Apk For Game After Download A Proper MOD App You Can Control Dice in game It Mean You Get Unlimited Six in Game.

  • How Can I Get Free Gems And Coin Ludo King?

  • For Getting Free Coin And Gems You Have To Download Mod Apk For Ludo King, After That you Can Get Free Coins.

  • What Is Talktime in Ludo King Mod Apk?

  • Talktime is chat System In Ludo Game That Give Minutes Exchange Of Money And That Is Used For Chatting During the Dice Game But This Not Free Service in Game You Have To Pay For It .

  • How Can I Get Free Talk Time In Ludo Game?

  • For Getting Free Talktime You Can Use Mod And Play Bonus Games on Ludo King tha Will Give You Talktime in Game And That Can Use in Live Chat Players.

  • How Ludo King Modified Version Bugs?

  • Just Simple Three Step Can Fix Your of Ludo King Modified Application. 1. RESTART GAME 2. CLEAR DATA 3 CLEAR CACHE This Three Step Will Help You In This Problem.

  • What is the Premium Access in this mod Ludo Premium Apk?

  • Ludo King Mod Apk Provides These Stuff for Free 1. VIP THEME 2.GEMS And Coins 3. Game Controller 4. Unlimited Six 5. Ads Free

  • Is it safe or secure for our android device?

  • Yes it is Safe Your Android Device, This App Not Collect Any type of Your Personal Data Information That Mean It Safe And Secure.

  • Is this a Latest Mod version of the Ludo King game?

  • Yes It Is Latest Version of Ludo King Apk Version Number [V]

  • Who Can Use Ludo King Mod Apk?

  • Everyone Which Want Free Stuff In Ludo Game.

  • Is Ludo king banned in India?

  • No Ludo King Not Banned in India. It’s Still Available on Google Play Store.

  • Is Ludo a skill or luck game?

  • No It’s Not Luck Game It Only Based On Their Brain Algorithm but You Can Say It A Strategy Base Game.

  • How can I get 6 in Ludo king?

  • There is No Specific Trick Get Unlimited Six because it Not Base On Luck In Only Base Brain Algorithm But If You want To rewrite their Brain Algorithm Then You Can Use Mod Apk of It That Can Help you to Get Unlimited Six.

  • Is Ludo king a Indian app?

  • Yes! It is Indian Game And It Developed By Indian Free to Play Mobile Game Application [Indian Gametion Studio And Technologies]

  • Is Ludo king fair?

  • NO Ludo King Not A Fair Game Because It Not Based On Luck It Only Based On Their Brain Algorithms.

User Reviews

reviewer image for Ludo King Mod of Aruhi Mehra

Reviewed By Aruhi Mehra

My name is Aruhi, playing Ludo King for about 2 Years from today, out of which I lost so many times. I played the game with my friends and family, but I kept losing more often but since I got this Ludo King’s turn up, I have become the top player in my friends and family, so I have to turn this up The latter will say thanks

reviewer image for Ludo King Mod of Dhirz Malviya

Reviewed By Dhirz Malviya

Hi Ludo King Player My name is Dhirz Malviya and I am the biggest fan of Ludo, because I have been playing Ludo King game since my childhood and I was the champion of this game but the only thing I lacked was that I had someone Also there was not a premium theme that friends bar used to tease me that you do not have any VIP THEME, which makes me very sad but since I downloaded this Ludo King Mod Apk I have so many VIP THEME now I see my friends That’s Why Hearty Thanks to the Ludo King Mod turning Apk team from me.

reviewer image for Ludo King Mod of Kinjal Patel

Reviewed By Kinjal patel

Hello Friends, how are you guys, in a Ludo King game the player was so easy to defeat me that even a kid could beat me, which was very annoying but I had no solution to correct my image. After installing the Ludo King turn Apk, I really became a Noob to a Pro.

reviewer image for Ludo King Mod of Priya

Reviewed By Priya

I am Priya, a college student, I have been very fond of playing Ludo since childhood, but as we got older, the Ludo King would take us boring because Updatet after Update came with such features in which all the free service paids have been given to us. Had to pay for the money, which was played for free first, due to which people and people had to face trouble but at last when the Ludo King turned. Only I had fun when I came across the puzzle bar on the site and downloaded Ludo King’s Modified App from there, because it has all the feature-free features in the modified App which are normal App paid. And because of this I started playing Ludo King.
Thank you for this superb gift

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